My name is Jason Harvey I am an artist and designer and I would like to take a little bit of your money

Please! look at what i have done

(music videos)


Trying to put an iPhone 5 in human pee


Beginner Level Sex Tutorial

A Collection of my Poetry

Peeing My Pants at the Hollywood Sign (Hollywood,CA)

Visiting The Netherlands

Artist's Journal

Trying some new wines

Trailer for my film "Avatar 2"

(music videos)

Jerry Paper & Easy Feelings Unlimited - "Zoom Out"

Peeling - "Leisure Life"

Phedre - "Tivoli"

TOPS - "Driverless Passenger"

No Joy - "Everything New"

Weaves - "Buttercup"

No Joy - "Hare Tarot Lies"

Mac Demarco - "Dreamin'"

Surfer Blood - "Grand Inquisitor"


"26 Years Old Single Artist" Doppell edition Doppell edition

"Important Please Read" Haunted House Books, 2016

"Human Toilet" Metatron Books, 2014

You can read excerpts from all three books right here, if you want.

I am always interested in commissons, collaborations and chatting

please ~send me an email~